Trust To us this means belief in each other
Respect To us this means appreciating the worth of ourselves and each other
Clear and high expectations To us this means shared, consistent, achievable and clearly communicated outcomes
Responsibility To us this means accepting and fulfilling expectations
Knowledge, Discovery, Insight Encouraging a love of learning, investigation and curiosity

Foster the values, designs & behaviours where everyone can reach their potential

Carlton North Primary School is a dynamic school, with high levels of student, staff and parent engagement. We are committed to providing an exemplary education experience for all students. We strive to uphold a leaning environment that is challenging, safe, caring, supportive and inclusive. The vision for the school is to further promote and embed student voice and agency, ensuring genuine, contextualised learning opportunities.

As highly competent educators we know that children will develop and learn at different rates in different areas. Our teachers are experienced in observing, assessing, conferencing and encouraging each student, using personalised learning strategies to inspire and challenge every day. We ensure that the educational opportunities provided, support the needs and aspirations of our students. The staff and community of Carlton North Primary School are extremely proud of our School. Our values of Trust, Respect, Clear and High expectations, Responsibility and Knowledge, Discovery, Insight underpin the culture of our school and support our continued focus on supporting the achievements and success of all students.

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Bell Times

School starts: 9.00am
Recess: 10.40am to 11.10am
Lunch: 12.50pm to 1.50pm
Dismissal: 3.30pm

Term Dates

Term Dates 2020

Term 1: Wed 29th Jan – Tue 24 March

Term 2: Tue 14th Apr – Fri 26th Jun

Term 3: Mon 13th Jul – Fri 18th Sept

Term 4: Mon 5th Oct – Fri 18th Dec