The Physical Education and Sporting program at Carlton North Primary School aims to encourage every child to be actively involved and develop knowledge and skills through fun and engaging movement activities such as games, gymnastics, movement awareness and ball handling. Students participate in team sports which cultivate a sense of co-operation, assists with the development of friendship and fosters an appreciation of what it is to be a ‘good sport’. During these activities the emphasis is on skill acquisition and development, participation for all, the development of healthy attitudes and an enjoyment of physical activity.

In Foundation to Year 2 there is a major focus on fundamental motor skills of throwing, catching, bouncing, running, jumping, leaping, striking and kicking throughout the year.

We explore the ways in which our bodies can move while incorporating different types of equipment and simple fun games and activities. We also focus on getting to know the different rules for being outside as well as getting to know the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Students in Foundation to Year 4 participate in an intensive swimming program of eight sessions in term 1.

In Years 3 to 6 our students practise the skills for a range of different sports including Cricket, Netball, Soccer, AFL, European Handball, Lacrosse and Basketball and apply them to modified game situations. Students further advance their knowledge of the different rules and tactics of these games.

The major events that students compete in at this age group are: Swimming sports, Cross Country running Carnival and our Athletics carnival. In all of these events there is a chance to progress to compete at a higher level with carnivals held for the District, Divisional and State levels.

For Year 5/6, summer sports (cricket, basketball, rounders, bat tennis and newcomb) and winter sports (AFL, soccer, tee-ball and netball) run in term 2 and 4. Year 5/6 students also complete a practical unit of ‘Bike Education’ in term 4.