Welcome to Carlton North Primary School, affectionately known as Lee Street Primary School. Carlton North Primary School has proudly served its local community since 1873. I am honored to lead a school with such a strong sense of community and commitment to student learning and engagement.

Carlton North Primary School places a strong emphasis on how we can best prepare our students for their future. The curriculum focus and instructional practice within the school is based on the belief that all children can learn and what skills do our children need to be successful in their future to be self-managing, life long learners.

At Carlton North Primary School Students are encouraged to be creative, curious and committed to achieving their personal and academic goals. They are empowered to make choices that impact on their learning and relationships in a positive way.

Whilst Carlton North Primary School is proud of its students’ high levels of academic achievement, it is our focus on developing the ‘whole child’; academic, social, emotional and physical that allows students to truly thrive.

The Staff are highly motivated and collaborative and constantly challenge each other to improve their teaching practice and therefore improve student learning outcomes. Our heritage building learning spaces are modern and cater well maintained and represent the learning environment suitable for 21st Century learners.

As we can only accept local enrolments, our school community is close knit and welcoming. You will find our community embraces those from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our school constantly strives to foster our shared values, designs and behaviours to ensure everyone can reach their full potential.

Rachel Corben