Wellbeing at Carlton North PS

At Carlton North PS student wellbeing is the foundation of all school activities and programs. Our goal is to provide a safe and engaging environment that supports and promotes the behavioural, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of all our students.

The following approaches are used to support our students to achieve success in a safe and engaging school environment.
-Bounce Back
-Values education
-Buddy program

At Carlton North PS we have committed to using the Kidsmatter framework to develop students’ social and emotional learning (SEL). Social emotional learning (SEL) of our students is paramount. Kidsmatter provides a structure of 5 SEL competencies which we are implementing Foundation to Year 6 to support child development.

Social and Emotional Skills (SEL)

School is not only about reading, writing and mathematics. It’s also about making friends, learning how to work with others and knowing how to be responsible for yourself.

Knowing how to manage feelings and get on with others are important skills for everyone. This kind of learning starts in early childhood with parents and carers as children’s most important first teachers.

Research has found that teaching children social and emotional skills at school as well as at home makes a positive difference to their wellbeing. Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) help school children settle in the classroom and get on with learning.

The kinds of social and emotional skills that are important for children to develop have been identified by researchers as:


Understanding feelings, self-confidence.

Social awareness

Respecting and understanding others, and appreciating differences between people.


Managing emotions, being able to set goals and stick to them.

Responsible decision-making

Choosing wisely and thoughtfully.

Relationship skills

Cooperating, communicating, making friends and resolving conflict.

Research shows that children benefit most from social and emotional learning when social and emotional learning is taught in regular school lessons and matched to children’s learning stages; this is the approach we implement at Carlton North PS.

Carlton North Primary accesses KidsMatter Primary framework resources via www.kidsmatter.edu.au/