Vision and Values


Carlton North Primary School’s vision is to prepare our students for their future. Our students will learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be engaged, self-managing, lifelong learners.


Carlton North Primary School’s mission is to provide high quality, child-centered, personalised learning in a safe. nurturing, engaging and inclusive environment that fosters a love of learning and prepares each student to meet the challenges of the future.


Carlton North Primary School’s objective is for students to leave the school with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be engaged, self-managing, lifelong learners. Values At Carlton North Primary School our values of Respect, Trust, Inclusion and Resilience provide opportunities for everyone to learn and feel safe in a respectful school environment.


At CNPS we show respect for people, culture, property and the environment. We are polite to everyone and care for each other, our school and our community.

“Respect looks like respecting people’s property by looking after things if they let you borrow them. We at CNPS look after each other if we get hurt. We say our Acknowledgement of Country in the mornings to pay respect to Indigenous Elders past, present and future. Respect means to take of yourself, other people and living and non-living things. Respect looks like caring and putting things back where they belong.”

Pip and Claude

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At CNPS we have trust in each other. We take responsibility for our own actions and learning. We act with integrity and honesty.

“Trust looks like teachers trusting students to move throughout the campus themselves and bringing equipment. Trust is built over time by looking after things and keeping them safe. Being trustworthy includes not breaking trust once you’ve built it.

We build trust at CNPS by acting responsibly and showing respect for all students, teachers and staff.”

Archer and Grace


At CNPS we include everyone and do not leave anyone out. Everyone is different and we welcome and celebrate all children, families and staff.

“Inclusion looks like letting people join your games, coming up to people and asking if they’re OK when they’re sad. At Carlton North, we include everyone even if they look different to us. We take care of the land, the trees and the animals like Bunjil, as well as the Earth like the Wurundjeri People.  We remember the people who died in wars. We close our eyes, make a picture in our head and wear our badges and poppies.”

Charlie and Winnie


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At CNPS we have high expectations of ourselves and each other. We are ambitious, resilient and persistent when faced with challenges and change. We believe we can learn and will always try our best.

“Resilience looks like when something gets hard, you don’t stop doing it. If you hurt yourself, don’t give up, get help from friends or a yard duty teacher. If someone finds a task hard, they keep trying until they find the answer. Ignore negative thoughts and think positively like “keep trying your best.” Our growth mindset can help us be resilient by trying our best to stay positive and not thinking anything’s too hard, keep trying.”

James and Nina