Rachel Corben

Assistant Principal- Wellbeing and Inclusion Support
Jane Bilby

Assistant PrincipalTeaching and Learning

Erin Brown

Learning Specialist

Billy Candy

Business Manager

Trish Harrington


Gaby Shortis/Janai Collins



Jacqui Woodard

Millie Holden/Mary D’Cruz

Years 1/2

Kathleen Feeny

Susie Taylor

Sam Guerra

Years 3/4

Brendan Opray

Sophie Hooker

Sophie Lawrenson

James Barnard

Years 5/6

Kara Ainsworth

Carlye Sinclair/Billy Candy

Jesse Tatterson


Chris Atkins – Physical Education/The Arts

Carla Maxwell – STEM

Olivia Devitre – The Arts

Kim Best – Library

Ben May – Wellbeing

Integration Aides
Nicole Higgins

Cassie Harvey

Debbie Muscat

Sarah Morgan

Amanda Rocci

Hasith Jayawardana

Literacy Support

Julia John

IT Specialist Technician
Arthur Ho