Absences from School

Regular school attendance is essential for the overall development of children. If your child is absent, you should advise their teacherĀ as well as logging their absence in your Compass portal.

Please note that this is not regarded as a “notification” is must all be lodged through your Compass portal (the quickest option is to use the app for any absences)

Absence During School Hours

Sometimes it may be necessary for parents to take students from school during the day. On such occasions advance notice is appreciated and arrangements must be made for the collection of the student from school. In the interests of overall safety, students are not allowed to leave the school grounds alone during school hours.

In order that the school is aware of all student arrivals and departures, the Late Arrival / Early Release option is available through your Compass portal by moving the selected times to the appropriate time that you would like to sign your child in or out of the school. This automatically prompts the teacher when they mark their the roll. This can be done through your compass app before school starts, during school and after school.

Please note: If you do not log your absences on Compass your child will have “unexplained” absences sitting under their name.