Year 3 and 4

Years 3 and 4 are the beginning of the “Breadth Years” where students engage in more complex tasks and apply their learning from the Foundation Years.

The three classroom teachers, work as a large team, often moving between classrooms for a variety of activities. In Year 3/4 we develop the skills necessary for students to move towards independent learning.

We teach literacy through the lenses of reading, writing and speaking and listening. In reading, we continue to build upon the skills of predicting, visualising, making connections, inferring and summarising while also developing fluency. In writing we have weekly grammar and spelling lessons, as well as having lessons with a focus on a genre type. Students are given many opportunities to develop their speaking skills through group and individual presentations, Socratic circle discussions and reader’s theatre.

Numeracy is taught every day in Year 3/4. Over the year we teach multiple strategies for solving each of the four operations that cater for different learning needs. Students are given time to practice each strategy and decide which is the one that is right for them. We strive to have tasks which are engaging and open-ended and identify the link between theory and real life application.

Science in Year 3/4 is all about developing an understanding of science concepts through fun hands-on scientific experiences and using the P.O.E. model of Predicting, Observing and Explaining.

In Year 3/4 we believe it is important to use multiple technological devices and programs to give opportunities for students to create and collaborate on their work. We use Google Drive/Classroom, Edmodo and web based programs to engage students across the curriculum.

Students in Year 3/4 have the opportunity to go on a two night/three day camp each year. This continues the camp experience at Carlton North with the first opportunity for being away from the school overnight. With a bush or coastal theme we have a focus on team building, with activities catered towards this as well as the old favourites like giant swing, flying fox and hut building. This is an exciting time of year for all involved.

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