Italian at CNPS

Students participate in a variety of activities which incorporate different learning styles such as songs, games, speaking and listening, reading and writing tasks, role-plays and digital technologies.

Learning tasks may be in pairs, small group, whole class or individual and incorporate students’ prior knowledge, experience and interests. We use a variety of resources for language learning such as posters, picture books, music and authentic texts in Italian.

On Italian Cultural Day, Italian language and culture is promoted with activities such as cooking, games, craft or Italian speaking visiting artists. This is a multi-age experience, where the whole school participates and the students work in mixed age groups and with a variety of teachers.

To further promote the Italian language, through Compass our school community is informed on a regular basis of the language structures or topics the students are learning. This allows our students to showcase and use the language in their day to day life with others beyond the classroom setting.